Meet Mike Rechtien

Meet Mike Rechtien

January 15, 2007

“I’ve crocheted two full-sized blankets for my waterbed so far,” said Mike. “And I’m working on a third.”

Mike’s mother taught him to crochet when he was a boy to combat a spastic left eye. By focusing on one task, in a small field of vision, it built up the strength in his eye muscles and the problem went away.

Not all his hobbies are small-scale. He also passes the time by getting together with friends and playing a table-top roleplaying game. The board is as big as a pool table.

Mike moved to Kirksville from California. While visiting family, he liked the area so much he decided to stay and look for a job. He started working for the University in 2006 after a six-year stint with local computer company Pro-Tech.

“I like working for Truman because there’s not so much driving involved,” Mike said. “Before, they would send me out as far as St. Joseph.”

Mike also loves sleeping, watching educational programs on TV, and eating anything he doesn’t have to cook.