Why the Midwest is the Best!

True to its nickname, “The Heartland of America,” the Midwest is the region located in the center of the United States, but though that explains its name, it is not its claim to fame. The Midwest secures its place as the heart of the country by representing everything America has to offer. The Midwest is a center for both agriculture and manufacturing. It also has a fairly even distribution of large cities and small towns. Those who live there get the best of both worlds; that is to say; they have the freedom to travel between rustic, natural settings and bustling, metropolitan areas, allowing them to have a change of pace whenever they want. This versatility makes the Midwest appealing to a wide variety of people, including international students. There are many other reasons that the Midwest is a wonderful place to be, but here are three:

Friendly People


Americans, in general, are friendly, but Midwesterners are even friendlier. Many people see Americans as extremely busy people, but in the Midwest, they are not too busy for you! You will find that, compared to people in other regions of the country, Midwesterners may exhibit more interest in newcomers and be more willing to invest the time to get to know someone with whom they are unfamiliar. People who live in America’s large cities on the East or West Coasts, like New York or Los Angeles, are known to live life at a breakneck pace. Because of their extreme workaholic mentality, they often feel that they do not have time to converse casually with the people around them. On the contrary, Midwesterners are significantly more likely to take time out of their day to take a sincere interest in your life. This is largely because of the hybridization of rural and urban populations. The rural areas are less dense, which allows people to lead more relaxed lifestyles. Most of the Midwestern urban areas are also less densely populated than in some other parts of the country, with the exception of Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. In a general sense, however, the Midwest is a unique mix of hustle and bustle in which you can earn your degree.

Low Cost-of-Living and High Quality of Life

According to Kiplinger.com, six of the top ten cities in the United States with the best value for living are located in the Midwest. In general, the cost of living in the Midwest is significantly lower than it is on either coast, sometimes as much as 50% lower. The low cost of living can be attributed to the relatively low population density, again with the exception of Chicago, Illinois, the most populated city in the Midwest and the third most populated city in the nation. Multiple affordable educational opportunities, excellent healthcare, low unemployment, and easy access to plenty of recreational opportunities are just some of the aspects of the Midwest’s high quality of life.

The Real America

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The Midwest is an excellent combination of industry and agriculture. While Midwesterners are certainly not ignorant of technological advances and trends, they are also closely connected to their environment and have a natural love of the great outdoors. The people of the Midwest are down-to-earth, hard-working individuals. In this region, you’ll find a diverse group of people, from farmers to entrepreneurs. As the heart of the United States, it embodies the sentiments of the entire country. It represents the collective spirit of America. It is the perfect balance of past and present, progressing steadily towards the future. The Midwest operates under the traditional value system upon which the nation was founded, and its people exhibit the basic human decency that should define all people. They are a hospitable, honest, and friendly people who help each other overcome life’s many hardships. The Midwest is the true face of America.



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