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So, what is Greek life? Greek Life is the name that applies to all Greek organizations characterized by a ritual, badge and strong ties to friendship and moral principles. If you were wondering about joining Greek Life once you get to the United States, you have come to the right place!

Some terms you need to know about Greek Life:

Rushing– The formal recruitment process of Greek life.

Rush Week– This is the week the formal recruitment process takes place.

Gamma Chi– A member of a sorority who becomes disaffiliated to help potential members choose their organization.

Sorority– The group women would join if they were rushing.

Fraternity– The group men would join if they were rushing.

Bid– A formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.

Philanthropy– A community service project or fundraiser sponsored by a chapter.

Brother– This is what men in a fraternity call the other members of their group.

Sister– What women in a sorority call the other members of their group.

Why Should I Join a Sorority?

Joining a sorority will give you many opportunities and lifelong connections. As a result, you will find people who share the same views that you do. You will have the chance to connect with many mentors, have many networking opportunities, and have some community service under your belt. At Truman there are six social sororities for women to join. 

Why Should I Join a Fraternity?

Like a sorority, joining a fraternity will also give you many opportunities and lifelong connections. Joining a fraternity will provide you with a sense of community, activity, and a sense of purpose. As a result, if you join a fraternity you will also have a community of really great friends and a support system. At Truman there are twelve social fraternities for men to join.

Benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority

-Lifelong friends

-A sense of community

-A sense of belonging

-Career Opportunities

What is philanthropy?

Philanthropy is a community service project or fundraiser sponsored by a chapter. A group will start by choosing a service project. Then, they will begin raising money for that organization. After that, they will donate the money they raised to the organization they chose. Some philanthropies could include breast cancer awareness, eating disorders, childhood cancer awareness, children’s miracle network, preventing child abuse, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and much more.

How do I join a fraternity or sorority?

Fraternities and Sororities will have a week during the Fall in September called “Rush Week.” Rush Week is when fraternities and sororities start formally recruiting and accepting students into their organizations. During rush, you will meet tons of new people and learn about the philanthropies of the groups. To join a sorority or fraternity, you have to have an invite back. After all of the events in a day, you will find out if you got an invite back for the next day. Then, at the end of “rush week” you’ll find out which sorority or fraternity wants you to join!

What happens if I don’t get a bid?

It’s okay if you don’t get a bid. Some sororities and fraternities have an informal Spring recruitment. Informal Spring recruitment will give you another chance to join a fraternity or sorority. It truly is important to trust the process. You will end up in the organization that best fits you in the end! 

What happens if I do get a bid?

If you have gotten a bid, Congratulations! You have now been accepted into a fraternity or a sorority. The next thing on your list is initiation and making tons of friends with the other men or women in your respective organization!

What if I don’t want to join a social organization?

If a social fraternity or sorority isn’t for you, you can potentially join a service sorority, honors co-ed fraternity, or a professional co-ed fraternity. Service sororities focus on philanthropy and getting involved together as a group to help the community. Honors fraternities are purely academic clubs that focus on maintaining good grades. Finally, professional co-ed fraternities help prepare students for their field of study in the professional world. This helps with networking and getting a job after school. 


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