SSAS Lunar New Year 2016: The Video!

Music, theatre, food and more! The Society for Sino-American Studies celebrated Chinese New Year last weekend with a formal attire and a series of performances to honor the coming of spring in the new year. Students and other guests enjoyed an acted rendition of the tale of the Monkey King, the story of a rebellious trickster who claims to rule all of Earth and heaven itself. Afterwards, the audience was treated to music and dance performances, both classical and modern (the “Cup Song” is always a big hit!) Attendees were able to take part in the fun themselves with games and a magic show. To end off the night, the SSAS  said their goodbyes to Julie Minn, who is serving her final semester as faculty sponsor for the group. We at the Center for International Students would like to thank Julie for the warmth and joy she has spread through the Truman community, both inside and outside of the SSAS.

Watch the official CIS video of the Lunar New Year celebration above!

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