Moon Festival 2017

SSAS Hosts Harvest Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, commonly referred to as The Moon Festival, was hosted by the Society for  Sino- American Studies on campus October 6, 2017. The Moon Festival is a time of celebration, honoring and uplifting the values of family and unity. The festival marks the end of the autumn harvest – the round moon representing completeness and reunion between family and friends.

Dr. Xin Gao, Assistant Professor of Music – Saxophone, and accompanist Rachel AuBuchon performed traditional Chinese songs on nontraditional instruments

The event included live performances with traditional Chinese and regional songs, and many jokes kindly provided by the hosts. In China, and other surrounding countries, the Moon Festival holds great significance. The on-campus event shared this celebration to not only educate but to bring the Truman community closer together. Guests were able to enjoy a range of lovely entertainment provided by the SSAS.

Students waiting in line to get food and tea

A large attendance of family, friends, and students arrived to experience the Moon Festival every year. People came to have a great time and share new and old cultural experiences. Mooncakes, a traditional sweet treat, were divided among guests, upholding a long-held characteristic of the festival. The cakes also are symbolic. They are round, representing fullness. Each cake is embedded with the Chinese character of longevity or harmony.

Student Lilith Nguyen sings a heartfelt song about the moon

SSAS was founded in 2004, focused on exploring Chinese and other Asian cultures and “promoting cultural awareness on campus through social and educational events.”

All guests of the Moon Festival were invited onstage for a group picture

For more information on the organization and upcoming events click here.  



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