International Flags Wave at Truman Homecoming Parade

Homecoming3Homecoming is a time for current students and alumni to gather together with family, friends, and the Kirksville community. The whole week is full of traditions that celebrate Truman State University’s long history.

As part of this year’s annual homecoming parade, many of Truman’s international students dressed in traditional clothing and proudly marched through the streets, waving their flags and representing their countries.  Di Zhu, a sophomore student from China who transferred to Truman after a year in the exchange program, said, “I am so proud of China, and this is a time that I can represent my country… China has changed so much and I want to show its wonderful history and culture to Truman and the Kirksville community.”


Truman has become a home to many students like Di Zhu. She told the ISAO, “I really love Truman because it’s a nice place to study. It is full of good students and very good academic resources and equipment. It is good for me to study here.”



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