How To Get Involved On Campus

Studying at a university is more than just another few years in school. It helps to prepare you for

your future, in both your professional and personal lives. While good grades are important to

potential employers, many will also expect to see some other form of involvement during your

college career.

Truman State University has over 240 organizations and clubs in which students can get

involved. With such a large variety of extracurricular activities available, it’s easy to find

something for everyone to enjoy.

Further your academic experience:

For nearly every major on campus, Truman has an honors society, club, or professional group

in which you can participate. Groups like the American Medical Students Association, Society of

Physics Students, and the Psychology Club were created to improve the learning experience of

Truman students and promote interest in their field of study. Truman also has a large number of

professional fraternities and sororities, such as Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity, and Beta

Beta Beta, a biology fraternity, which can help provide networking and business opportunities.

Share your voice:

Let yourself be heard by all of Truman and beyond! The Truman Media Network is made up of

four of Truman’s largest media groups. The award-winning Index, the student newspaper, keeps

students informed of news and events happening on campus. TMN TV offers news broadcasts

and talk shows, and Detours magazine covers all things travel related, both in Kirksville and

abroad. KTRM 88.7 The Edge is Truman’s student-run radio station, where students can work

on-air as a DJ, or behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly at the station.

Join a Fraternity or Sorority:

Organizations described by the term “Greek Life” are groups of people who choose to associate together to fulfill a

purpose.  They are identified by names made up of different characters of the Greek alphabet

and thus termed “Greek Life.”  It is the gender-based social organizations of fraternities for men

and sororities for women that are usually often portrayed in an exaggerated manner on TV.  In

truth, Greek social organizations are organized by their schools’ Interfraternity Conference (IFC) or their Pan-

Hellenic Council, and kept under strict guidelines. These Greek organizations are widely known for service to the

community and charitable causes.

Each year, Truman State University holds Greek Week, the celebration and promotion of the

Greek Life pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Integrity, and Commitment throughout the campus

and community. Greek life can be a life-changing experience, giving you new friendships,

networking possibilities, and leadership opportunities. If Greek organizations don’t sound appealing to you, there

are also non-greek fraternaties and sororities, such as Phi Delta and the Society of the Prim Roses. With dozens of

professional, service, and social groups to choose from, finding a fraternity or sorority that fits your needs is easy.


Celebrate culture:

You can experience other cultures with ease! The cultural clubs and associations at Truman

make it their goal to share in and promote cultural exchange. Many of these groups offer service

opportunities, language resources, and social celebrations of culture. There are groups

centered on specific cultures or a geographic location such as Namaste Nepal and African

Students Association, or there is International Club, which caters to all cultures and promotes

internationalization in general.


Show off your creative side:

From poetry to dance and everything in between, Truman has an impressive selection of fine

arts groups. Many of these groups, such as The Society of Dance Arts, Tru Men (one of

Truman’s a capella groups,) and TAG Improv hold regular performances around campus

throughout the year.

Become a campus leader:

Student leadership looks great on any resume, and students at Truman may gain lots of

experience with leadership.  Between the Student Government, Student Activities Board,

Residence Life and Funds Allotment Council, the opportunities to influence your

campus are endless. Members of these groups have the opportunity to gain professional

experience while making an active impact on student life at Truman.  However, leadership

experience is available in every university organization.

Make a difference in the community:

Truman has a variety of organizations dedicated to helping the needy, both in Kirksville and

around the world. The Truman SERVE Center focuses on bringing volunteer opportunities to

Truman students. The university is also home to a multitude of service organizations, such as

Habitat for Humanity and Rotaract which are founded on providing a specific service or services

to the community. You can also join Tau Lambda Sigma or Alpha Sigma Gamma, service sororities

dedicated to helping the Kirksville community. Strong friendships can develop between students working

hands-on together providing service to others.  Be sure to check out our blog article on the

Top 5 Reasons to Do Service in College.


Become a student athlete:

Feel the need to stretch your legs? Truman has a large selection of athletic activities from which

to choose.  Interested in representing Truman by participating in a university-sponsored athletic

team?  The Truman Bulldogs consist of 18 different men’s and women’s sports with that

compete with other schools at the Divisions II level.  The university also features club sports

such as rugby, martial arts, equestrian team, bowling, tennis, extreme Frisbee and much more!

Intramural sports for those looking to compete just for fun can be easier to fit into those busy

academic schedules.

Start your own club:

If none of these sounds appealing to you, there are many more to choose from! You also have the option

of finding like-minded individuals and starting a new club. The possibilities for involvement are truly


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Alex is a Sociology major at Truman State University. He enjoys learning about new cultures and new people.

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