Featured Alumni: Nilesh Amatya

Nilesh Amatya (Class of 2010)

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2010, Nilesh is now pursuing his Ph.D in immunology at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine, working with renowned scientists at one of the top biomedical institutions in the United States. Nilesh plans, conducts, and analyzes cutting edge experiments in a biomedical laboratory. His current project concerns the “study of various biological signal transduction pathways related to the human immune system.” The goal is to “design rational therapeutic drugs for autoimmune and infectious diseases.” Nilesh excelled academically at Truman, winning the Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 2010-2011” award. To Nilesh, “teamwork and critical thinking were the most important aspects of [his] undergraduate education.” It has tremendously increased his capacity to “become independent while planning my experiments, communicate with other scientists for troubleshooting experiments, and function efficiently in a team dynamic.” After getting his Ph.D, Nilesh has plans to work in a biotech or pharmaceutical company to design new drugs and therapies to treat disease.


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