HLTH 440 Students Present their Capstone Projects

HLTH 440 Students Present their Capstone Projects

January 19, 2018

On December 4, 2017 the following Health Science students in HLTH 440 (Program Implementation and Evaluation) course presented their Capstone projects:

Jessi Falvey & Nicole Sparks:  HLTH 255 & HLTH 290 Teaching Assistants

Aviance Webb & Mitchell Schroeder:  Dental Health for Pre-K & K Students

Shayda Afrassiab:  Matter of Balance Classes

Hyerin Kim & Raven Eisenberger: Sustainability Week

Chaney Cooper:  HLTH 405 Teaching Assistant

Ikeolu Oladipo:  HLTH 195/198 Research Project

Kiley Vineyard & Jace Galang:  Buddy Pack Coordinators

Hannah Denkler, John Frost, & Ben Peters:  Ability Inclusion Week

The students select their capstone projects during HLTH 366 (Health Assessment and Planning), taught by Dr. Alicia Wodika, and begin the initial planning.  In HLTH 410 (Health Communication Methods), taught by Dr. Nancy Daley-Moore, the students develop their advertising and social media plans for their project. Then, in HLTH 440, taught by Dr. Janice Clark, the students complete their campus/community health projects.

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