Truman Alumna Recounts on HES Experience

Truman Alumna Recounts on HES Experience

September 23, 2017

“After graduating from Truman, I enrolled in graduate school at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC), where I earned my Master in Public Health (MPH) degree in May 2015. During my time at SIUC, I had a great position at the campus Wellness Center doing college sexual health education. After I left SIUC, I realized that I still had a passion for nursing. I am now a little over a year away from my BSN, RN!

HES is full of awesome professors who wanted to see me do well! I was challenged by the faculty but also encouraged by them as well. It’s because of them that I succeeded as a McNair scholar and was able to go to graduate school. They worked with me and helped me graduate.

Be sure to talk to your professors! They are here to help you. They know far more than what they teach you in class. Many of them may have supplemental information about internship or job opportunities, and they have connections! All you have to do is ask.”
–Ashley Shields (’13), Health Science

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