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Greek Life Store

August 20, 2012

The Greek Life Store is almost open! Come back in a few days for the Grand Opening Sale, where you can get a Greek Forever water bottle for only $12 dollars all day long when you use the online store. After the first day the water bottles will return to the normal price of $15 […]

A ton of new faces

 Ellen, Greek Life Summer Intern, shares the moment she decided to go through recruitment: The guys last night were really cool! They seem really interested in getting to know us freshman! They asked what classes we’re taking, where we’re living, what we’re interested in, you know, the usual. But then, they asked if I was going […]

Greek Forever Camelbak Water Bottles

The Greek Forever water bottles have officially arrived! This Camelbak Eddy 20 oz. water bottle comes in a variety of colors and features the Greek Forever logo imprinted on the bottle. A high quality and durable water bottle, it will last for years and show off your Greek pride! To purchase, go online to the Greek […]

My first day as a big college girl (sort of)

August 19, 2012

Ellen is continuing her trip down memory lane. Here she reflects about the start of her Truman Week classes: My Truman week class started today – Truman has the freshman take only one class for their first few days here. I think it’s to get used to college-level classes and figure out campus before the […]

So, You’re Thinking About Joining a Fraternity…..

August 13, 2012

Summer Intern, Paul, shares his reflection on joining a fraternity: Choosing to go Greek here at Truman is not a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing to become a member of a Greek organization is a lifetime commitment which will require you to learn how to manage your time between your academic life and your […]

Hello Friends!

July 10, 2012

My name is Paul Rebar and I am also a Greek Life intern this Summer. It was great meeting all of you incoming freshmen at your Summer Orientation sessions. I will be a senior this coming Fall, with plans to attend law school after graduation. I am an English and Communication major and a member […]

Memories overload

June 21, 2012

Working this Greek Life table is really taking me on trips down memory lane. I came into Truman as a confident freshman, thinking I was going to own campus, continue dancing – my true passion, gravitate toward the theatrical crowd I ran around with in high school, meet a cute boy or two, transfer to […]

Hey everyone!

June 15, 2012

Hi there! My name is Ellen, and I’m one of the summer Greek Life Interns! We’re trying out the blog scene to help Truman students who are thinking about joining a Greek organization figure out what we’re all about! Brandon, Paul, Janelle, and I will be posting keep your eyes peeled! See ya soon […]