Greek Visibility

Greek Visibility

March 27, 2013

Last month at Delta Sigma Theta’s event, Stigmas, Stereotypes, and Labels, a few non-Greek students said they feel as though Greeks are not as visible as they should be on campus or out in the community. This stirred mixed feelings among the Greek students who were present at the event. Some Greek students were eager to learn of different ways they could better appease the Greek students. While there were some Greek students who wanted the non-Greek students to understand that outside of planning events, school, and maintaining the other extra-curricular activities that they are involved in, it is very challenging to always be out in the campus community building relationships with their fellow peers and doing service outside of what their respective organizations require. I am writing this blog to encourage all of the Greek organizations to think about how do you want your respective Greek organizations and Greek Life as a whole to be perceived by the campus community. As Greeks, we must remember that we are LEADERS. We were given the opportunity to become a member of our Greek organizations to make a difference and serve a purpose that is larger than ourselves. I also want to charge everyone with the Greek Life Mission Statement:

Greek Life Mission Statement

To be successful as Greek leaders, we will govern our administration by the principles of respect, integrity, compassion and efficiency. We will remember that what is most important to us as Greeks are our values: scholarship – to achieve our academic potential; leadership – to provide strength and positive direction to those around us; integrity– to hold tenaciously to our Greek legacy even when pressured to do otherwise; and commitment – to dedicate ourselves to be the best for our chapters and for society. We will devote ourselves to achieving a legacy of inspiring positive change in the Greek system at Truman, unifying Greek brothers and sisters regardless of affiliation, accomplishing our goals, and in providing a positive role model for all those with whom we associate. We will strive for personal integrity and lead the Greek system toward connecting with our Greek traditions and achieving our collective potential through committee service.

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