GAMMA….It’s more than a letter

GAMMA….It’s more than a letter

October 9, 2012



Make a difference in your community, and consider joining Bacchus & GAMMA! Bacchus & GAMMA (Greeks Advocating for Mature Management of Alcohol) are separate entities that have joined together to provide a “collegiate peer education initiative that supports the achievement of students’ academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address campus health and safety issues.” Currently, Bacchus and GAMMA hosts Alcohol Awareness in the spring semester and we are looking to become more affluent in our Truman community!

Bacchus and GAMMA addresses four major issues in not only the Greek community but the college population in general. These issues are: Alcohol Abuse and Impaired Driving, Sexual Health, Tobacco, and Wellness. GAMMA is a great way to unite together in the Truman Greek Community to prevent further abuse and promote the healthy management of alcohol use.

The first informational meeting will be on October 24th at 8 PM in MG 1090.  If you are interested please e-mail Lauren Null at for more information about how to become a member and make a step forward in our community.

Still looking for more? Visit the national website at

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