Seniors – It’s FAFSA Time!

Seniors – It’s FAFSA Time!

January 11, 2012

It’s January, which means the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (better known as the FAFSA) is open for high school seniors.

Completing the FAFSA and submitting your results to the colleges and tech schools you’re interested in gains you consideration for both Missouri and Federal need-based financial aid.

Remember that Missouri’s FAFSA deadline to be considered for the Access Missouri Grant is APRIL 1st 2012!


Want to learn more about the FAFSA?  Click here.

Ready to file yours?  Access the FAFSA on the Web at

It’s free, help is available, and you have nothing to lose!


P.S. If you’re planning on using your Missouri A+ benefits completing your FAFSA is mandatory.