Truman Chemistry Top Ranked Again!

Truman Chemistry Top Ranked Again!

September 27, 2010

The most recently announced rankings of American Chemical Society (ACS)-certified degrees awarded ties the Truman Chemistry program nationally for 20th place in the number of degrees awarded (32) in the 2008-2009 time frame.  Analysis of the data reveals even more about the significance of this success.

Truman’s number of certified degrees exceeds all but one (tied) of the Ivy League schools as well as a number of highly regarded liberal arts schools.  Even more telling is the fact that Truman’s program awarded approximately the same number of accredited degrees than the entire rest of the MIAA conference (33), and but two less that the combined total (34) of all four University of Missouri campuses.  Truman’s 32 even exceeds by 5 that of the total number of degrees awarded (certified and non-certified) by the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

Since Truman’s Chemistry program was listed alongside many very large schools, a comparison based on the ratio of the number of certified degrees awarded to the undergraduate enrollment for each of the top 25 schools seems appropriate (i.e., a “level playing field”).  The outcome of this analysis places Truman’s program at #4 among the ranked schools, trailing only the US Naval Academy, the University of Chicago, and the University of Virginia!  Our Chemistry Department is quite proud of this achievement and strives to continue the success.

To see all the data, go to the August, 23, 2010 issue of Chemical and Engineering News, pages 44-54.

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