Why you should choose to live in the Service LLC!

Why you should choose to live in the Service LLC!

February 14, 2014

A personal statement from a former Service LLC resident.

As an incoming freshman, I had a huge amount of questions about what college would be like: Whom am I going to be friends with? What types of things should I get involved in? When will I stop being homesick? Where should I live? Thankfully, all of these questions were answered by living in the Service Living Learning Community. It can be extremely overwhelming leaving home to go live in a new place, with all new people, but living in the LLC provided a sort of home away from home environment. The friendships that I made with the people in the hall made the transition from home extremely easy. In fact, I found myself missing school when I was home more than I found myself missing home when I was at school. Even though it is easy to make friends in any residence hall, the bonds that you make with the people in the LLC are especially strong because in addition to having fun hanging out in the hall, you also go out and experience the community together by serving various places in need. Some of the places that we served include the Kirksville Primary School, the Adair County Library, the PACT Center, and the Adair County Humane Society. All of these places provided a unique insight to the community and helped to foster a newfound love of Kirksville. What the ‘Ville lacks in luster, it makes up for in the neighborliness and positive attitudes of the people. By taking advantage of the opportunities that the LLC provided, it encouraged me to join other organizations on campus that had a similar feel to them. For example, I became very involved with Residence Hall Association because it allowed me to have a direct impact on the places that students lived by planning fun events, addressing issues that residents may have, and also introducing improvements to the halls.  Living in the LLC also inspired me to join the service organizations, Alpha Phi Omega and Alpha Sigma Gamma because even after moving out of the LLC I still wanted opportunities to serve the Truman and Kirksville community. I think that it’s safe to say that without the LLC having had introduced me to so many wonderful things on campus and in the community, my experience at Truman would not have been as positive as it was. Of all the decision I had to make when coming to Truman, checking the box for “BNB Service Living Learning Community” on the housing contract was probably the best decision of all!

12-13 Service LLC resident

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