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  • elementary school fun night

    October 9, 2012


  • crazy kids and juicy burgers

    These crazy kids did it again; we just completed our second Saturday of Service! This time we went to a local elementary school and helped out at their carnival fundraiser. The Parent Teacher’s Organization running the event said they had enough volunteers that only a small handful of parents had to help out, and the […]

  • just needed a little love

    October 1, 2012

    A lot of community members aren’t overly fond of us Truman students, but we found a place that not only appreciates our help, but depends on it.  The Adair County Humane Society isn’t a large place, it’s a little run down and it smells kind of funny, but none of that really matters.  Since Truman […]

  • who let the dogs out?

    September 27, 2012


  • something to bark about

    Well, we successfully had our first service event ! We went to the Adair County Humane Society and got to work with both the coolest people and animals ever. The woman who was in charge was fabulous. She explained to us that she needs Truman students as volunteers. When she started working there nine years […]

  • superhero on saturday

    September 25, 2012

    Being able to go to the Humane Society and spend time with animals that need our love and attention the most was incredible feeling. I loved being able to pet every one of their innocent little faces and see them light up with excitement when we got there. Knowing that Missy really depends on Truman […]

  • our first saturday of service!

    September 22, 2012

    You know something is special about a place when it’s 9:30 am on a windy Saturday morning and a group of college kids voluntarily rush into a tight-fitted animal shelter filled with cats and dogs and all sorts of smells (if you know what I mean). After spending two hours playing with puppies and kittens […]

  • b-n-b-ing ridiculous

    August 31, 2012