The Doctor Will See You Now

The Doctor Will See You Now

February 20, 2015

Declaring to concentrate as a Pre-Med student can be daunting and enlightening. There’s the possibility of becoming  a medical professional with high prestige, knowledge, and years of specialized training in saving lives. Then there’s also the investment of 4 years of medical school, a variable amount of years for specialization, and the financial cost of medical school. The decision of whether or not to go Pre-Med or not can seem pretty confusing, and choosing to continue as a Pre-med student can involve a lot of tough decisions and uncertainty. That’s why it’s always good to get information from a primary source: a doctor– or even better, a doctor going through residency.

Luckily, Abbey had a wonderful contact who could offer us his assistance and time, Charlie Vandenburg. After making the necessary arrangements we had everything ready for our event. Residents could enjoy cookies and lemonade in the first south lounge while they listened to the 4:00 PM presentation.

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During this time, Charlie spoke of his experience in his undergraduate years where he majored in Biology. He also went into details of the application process for medical schools and how it requires an immense amount of time before it can be submitted for processing. Charlie also had the interesting perspective of how to balance a family and going to medical school since he and his wife got married during college and went to medical school together. Charlie was very honest and transparent when it came to the difficulty of medical school, but also leveraged the harsher truths with humor. He emphasized that it didn’t necessarily matter what one majored in or which classes one took, as long as one is determined to become a medical professional and has the work ethic and determination to get things done.

Altogether, this was a great event for the residents. They got a good look into the medical field, as well as what to expect for the oncoming years. Charlie was great at answering the more obscure questions the residents might have, ones that may not have been covered in brochures or advisor meetings in the early stages of Pre-med. Even though the application process for medical school is a bit further down the road, it’s always helpful to start planning early.