Events – Pre-Med LLC

Events – Pre-Med LLC

February 25, 2014

Here in the Pre-Med LLC we focus a lot of events on either the medical field or introductory biology courses. I have highlighted in a previous post a speaker that I brought in, so if you want to see that just look for the older post!

Today I wanted to highlight a recent collaboration program that I helped, which was “A week of #childhoodcheer.” The event included 3 days of activities! The first day was lasers in the lounge, an obstacle course set up in the lounge where residents hit different buttons and tried to not touch the lasers. The second day, all residents were given a ticket under their door the night before, then ice cream music was played  and residents made their own sundaes in the south lounge when they presented their ticket. The third day was a fort building competition in the resident’s rooms, and each participant got childhood candy.

The week was extremely successful, and the residents had a blast reliving their childhood. Like I said, a lot of events are focused on school and being successful, but we also have a lot of fun in the LLC!

(Lasers in the Lounge)


(Ice Cream Man and Woman)