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January 20, 2015

On August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his world-famous speech on the National Mall. A day in January is set aside to honor this great man and all of his service for the country, and the MLK Day Challenge is a reminder to Truman students that this is “A Day On, Not a […]

Saturday of Service at Manor Care

September 26, 2014

SATURDAY OF SERVICE AT MANOR CARE In need of some service hours, well Kirksville’s Manor Care Nursing home is in need of some lively volunteers to help run afternoon activities. Which is exactly what BNB’s Service Hall attended this past weekend. A group of the Service LLC residents volunteered their Saturday afternoon to put on a […]


April 24, 2014

What is pay it forward? Paying it forward is the idea that you will live your life serving others. It’s a movement that can change the world. The nationally recognized day for paying it forward is today! You do three nice things for three other people, asking nothing in return. Then, those three people do […]

Adair County Food Bank – Service LLC

March 19, 2014

Did you know that only one Food Bank of the five in Missouri gives food to those in need for free? That one food bank is the Adair County Food Bank, serving over 121,000 “food insecure” people in central and northeast Missouri. Of that number are 55,000 children who qualify for free or reduced price […]

BULLDOG College Access Program – Service LLC

February 19, 2014

Here is a current student’s reflection on a recent service event. On February 16th, my roommate and I played icebreakers with different classes of Elementary students who were touring Truman campus. My favorite game that we played was the snort game, which involved going around a circle “snorting” in the face of the person next […]

Why you should choose to live in the Service LLC!

February 14, 2014

A personal statement from a former Service LLC resident. As an incoming freshman, I had a huge amount of questions about what college would be like: Whom am I going to be friends with? What types of things should I get involved in? When will I stop being homesick? Where should I live? Thankfully, all […]

kirksville elementary school’s annual fun night

October 5, 2013

On Saturday, October 5th, the LLC took a trip to Kirksville Elementary School. Here we helped serve the concession stand at an annual carnival the PTO organizes that raises over $9,000 for Kirksville schools! This is our second year in a row volunteering at this event and it was just as fun as the last […]

hope’s kitchen

September 28, 2013

On Saturday, September 28th, members of the 2013-2014 Service LLC volunteered at their first event! At Hope’s Kitchen we cooked up a delicious taco salad meal and then served it to over 200 people in the Kirksville community. Here are some pictures from our day!

the service llc is back in action

August 30, 2013

The Service LLC is back in action! It is our goal to reach out to both those on campus and those in the Kirksville community through different service events. We volunteer one Saturday each month at events we call Saturdays of Service. This blog houses our reflections and pictures from the service we complete as […]

dig into reading

May 8, 2013