BULLDOG College Access Program – Service LLC

BULLDOG College Access Program – Service LLC

February 19, 2014

Here is a current student’s reflection on a recent service event.

On February 16th, my roommate and I played icebreakers with different classes of Elementary students who were touring Truman campus. My favorite game that we played was the snort game, which involved going around a circle “snorting” in the face of the person next to you. If anyone laughed while snorting or being snorting at, they were “out.” At the end of the snort game, when there were only two kids left, my roommate changed the game so that they had to make various animal noises instead of just snorts, while the rest of the class gathered around the pair laughing. During the game, the Bulldog Truman mascot came by and all of the kids excitedly gave him high fives. After we were done playing games, we helped the kids decorate miniature flags. This was probably my favorite service event of the year, because I loved interacting and playing with all of the kids. It was definitely the high point of my week.

– Mackenzie P.
Service LLC 13-14

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