Adair County Food Bank – Service LLC

Adair County Food Bank – Service LLC

March 19, 2014

Did you know that only one Food Bank of the five in Missouri gives food to those in need for free?

Food Bank Team

That one food bank is the Adair County Food Bank, serving over 121,000 “food insecure” people in central and northeast Missouri. Of that number are 55,000 children who qualify for free or reduced price school lunches. The Adair County Food Bank is also one of 14 nationwide that does not charge agencies for the food provided. The food is distributed to soup kitchens, emergency food pantries, shelters for the abused and homeless, programs for low-income children and senior citizens, and rehabilitation centers all for free.

             This evening, members of the Service Living Learning Community and I had the pleasure of working with the Adair County Food Bank at one of their weekly Buddy Bank packing nights. We constructed over 1,000 Buddy Packs to be distributed to children in northeast Missouri. A Buddy Pack is a collection of food items (like canned ravioli and granola bars) that will feed a low-income child all weekend. What doesn’t look like a lot to us means the world to a hungry child.

Through this experience we were able to make a difference. We came together, along with other Truman student volunteers, to make a well-oiled machine of determination. We created an assembly line and managed to put the food items and twisty-ties on every single bag. What was really neat was that when we found out we were short on food items, different volunteers chipped in to buy what was needed. This was an incredible moment for us to witness as we can see what a vital role we can play to this organization.

This was a fun and engaging learning experience that I hope to participate in again. We are very anxious to continue working with the Adair County Food Bank through Pay it Forward Week, April 22nd-25th and see how much we can raise to donate to their fabulous business!

Alex Kuhn
Service LLC Student Advisor 13-14