Banner 9 Early Adopters

Banner 9 Early Adopters

November 13, 2017

All Banner forms users were invited to participate in Banner 9 Project Overview and General Navigation Highlight sessions and become Banner 9 early adopters if they so choose. Here is the note they received which includes instructions for registering for the overview session:


Banner 9 Early Adopter

As hopefully you all know, we are working on the upgrade to Banner – from Banner 8 to Banner 9. Just some of the differences in Banner 9 is that it does not use java and you do not need a separate Banner password. You log into Banner 9 using your network credentials (similar to logging into TruView). If you would like to see the new Banner 9 interface and consider being an early adopter, log into and sign up for one of the Banner 9 overview sessions ‘Banner 9: Project Overview and New Navigation Highlights”. More sessions will be offered as we get closer to the upgrade which will be during the normal Banner upgrade window in late February. For more information on the upgrade, see the upgrade website (

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