Monthly Archives: November 2017

Banner 9 Early Adopters

November 13, 2017

All Banner forms users were invited to participate in Banner 9 Project Overview and General Navigation Highlight sessions and become Banner 9 early adopters if they so choose. Here is the note they received which includes instructions for registering for the overview session:   Banner 9 Early Adopter As hopefully you all know, we are … Read More

Banner 9 Upgrades

November 12, 2017

Mostly Banner 9 upgrades were completed to Banner ADMIN and Banner HARRY today to keep the Banner 9 environment updated as recommended (and basically mandated through dependencies) by Ellucian. The following upgrades were applied: Financial Aid upgrades:    Financial Aid Release 8.31    Financial Aid Patch    Financial Aid Release Upgrades to bring Banner 9 environment … Read More