Banner 9 Upgrade Update

Banner 9 Upgrade Update

October 19, 2017

Overall the project is moving forward as expected. There are two major initiatives coming live at this time. They are the Banner 9 Admin Pages for the Integration Team  and their testing teams and the Banner 9 Registration Application.

Banner 9 Admin Pages (the replacement for Banner 9 INB/Administrative Forms)

Summary of progress on this initiative includes:

  • Upgrades to Banner modules to support the Banner 9 Admin Pages build was completed as scheduled on September 17th
  • Completed the build of the Banner 9 Admin Pages for Banner ADMIN (production environment) and Banner HARRY
  • Released Banner 9 ADMIN (production) Admin Pages and Banner 9 HARRY Admin Pages (the day-old test environment used for final testing many operational cycles and update processes) to the Integration Team and their testing teams on October 3rd

Each module leader is responsible for ensuring their module is getting tested and determining the schedule their group takes in working toward the Banner 9 upgrade for that area. A number of users are testing and using the Banner 9 Admin Pages.


  • We are getting a few reports of issues but overall it is going well. Issues are being worked on as they are reported.
  • For Banner 9 the Clean Address vendor, Runner, developed an upgrade to run in the new environment. We still need to complete this new implementation for our Banner 9 environments.

New Documentation: (

There have been some updates to the Banner 9 Upgrade website with some additional documentation including the ‘Banner 9 Hotkeys Guide’, ‘How to Create Banner 9 Bookmarks’, and ‘General Tips and Frequently Asked Questions’. We are hoping these documents will help with the transition from Banner INB to Banner 9 Admin Pages. Also added was a project status blog and it is titled ‘Project Status Updates: Banner 9 upgrade’.

Next Steps – Expanding the testing & early adopters:

The next steps for the Banner 9 Admin Pages implementation is to begin offering sessions on the Banner 9 upgrade and an overview of navigation changes in the new Banner 9 environment to Banner INB users. We will allow those that would like to start testing and/or be an early adopter to have access following one of these sessions. The sessions will begin November 2nd. Additionally IT is still working  on a number of infrastructure updates needed to support the project.


Banner 9 Lightweight applications – Banner 9 Registration

The Registration application Project Sub-Team has been meeting weekly these last copy of months as work progresses on getting the application ready for Spring 2018 registration beginning October 23rd. The goal is to have a pilot group of some size to be determined given access to the new Banner 9 registration application. The following is a summary of the tasks completed:

  • Communication and demo sessions provided to CAE, all advisors, Deans, Chairs, academic secretaries, PAC, ALF, and the Steering Committee
  • Three phases of pilot tests with students with incentives offered for participation
  • Instructions developed and reviewed with students that participate in the test pilots
  • Documentation review and updates in process

Spring 2018 Registration Pilot Group:

The decision by the team was to bring the new Banner 9 registration application live and make it available to all students. Communication is being sent out all the groups that were provided demo sessions to let them know the new application will be made available to all students.

New Link in TruView: Registration / Change Schedule (NEW)

A new link is being added to TruView labeled ‘Registration / Change Schedule (NEW)’. It will be inserted just before the Banner 8 registration link (‘Registration / Change Schedule’).

Registration Agreement issue

The current application has a custom modification to allow it to not let students register that have not completed the registration agreement for the term. At this time we cannot modify Banner 9 so we are building out a process with a new hold that will assist with handling the registration agreement issue for now.

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