Registration XE Pilot Banner 9 Project Sub-Team

Registration XE Pilot Banner 9 Project Sub-Team

October 6, 2017

Update from the Registration XE Pilot Banner 9 Project Sub-Team:


On Thursday, October 5th, the test conducted two successful registration test pilot phase 1 sessions (registration of a small group to review instructions and gather feedback). Overall the sessions went well. The students primarily had good feedback about the instructions and the new application. Many were not experienced with registration in general but they did in particular like the time conflict information in the status field and the graphical calendar.


From the team members present observation, many of the students didn’t spend much time if any with the instructions. The interface is intuitive enough that they figured it out without needing to refer to the instructions.


Next steps – scheduling test pilot phase 2 and test pilot phase 3.


Test Pilot Phase 2 – Invitations to be sent to a small group of students to have them register in a test environment. We plan to open this up on Tuesday, Oct 10th, at 9am until 2am Oct 11th. We’ll provide them the information similar to our test pilot phase 1 – an information sheet on how to log into the test environment and the instructions for registering document. We will send a note to these students on Monday encouraging them to participate, use whatever device/location they want, and send us back feedback. We’ll run a script at 2am on the 11th to gather information on how many registered.


Test Pilot Phase 3 will have two sessions. This is the performance test. The first session will be Thursday, October 12th,  and the second session will be Monday, October 16th. We will target 500-600 students to invite. We need to decide the time on each day. Possibilities in discussion include lunchtime/noonish time one day and a late evening time the other day.


Incentives will be offered including a $25 amazon gift card to be the prize in a drawing for everyone that participates in the performance test – if students participate both days they’ll get entered twice. Another incentive in the works is to open at least 5 seats in a particular class each day and those students that get a seat in that class get a $10 gift card.

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