Banner 9 Website, Schedule & Next Steps

Banner 9 Website, Schedule & Next Steps

May 16, 2017

Banner 9 Upgrade Website

The website Donna mentioned in the presentation that contains the Banner 9 Upgrade project information can be found at:

This site contains the project documentation. It will serve as a support tool for the upgrade. The current project team lists can be found on this web page in the Project Team document. It lists the current project sub-teams for each of the lightweight applications and indicates if the lightweight application will be just reviewed at this time or if it will be reviewed and piloted. The leads for each team are identified in the document as well. The Banner 9 Upgrade Plan provides information the parts of the implementation including identifying what a lightweight application is and what lightweight applications exist.


Project Schedule

Also on the website is the Project Schedule. This lays out the timeline. Donna discussed this some as well in the presentation. As Donna mentioned, we have to be on Banner 9 by October 2018. However, we are targeting February 2018 as this is our normal annual Banner upgrade window. With February 2018 as our target, we have a lot of work to do between now and then.


Next Steps

We will begin convening the project sub-teams in mid-to-late June to begin their work. We’ll call each team together, provide a summary and current status of the project, go over the objectives of the project sub-team, and provide an overview of the application the sub-team has been assigned. The team will then determine together how they want to proceed. Every lightweight application has to have a review completed. There are established guidelines that need to be documented as part of this review. This form is also on the upgrade site and is listed under the documentation section.

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