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Icons – Homework Due 23

  Design a range of icons that suggests a quality or fact, an image that symbolizes the activity that it represents.  The icon/symbol you create should be independent of time, simple and so coherent in its composition, that no part of it may be removed without diluting the message.   Main focus should be on … Read More

Homework 1/22

What is due next class period: 1. resume – reworked 2. VC BFA Posters – 2 posters printed out on 8.5×11 paper,  stating the event is NOT a concept as a reminder! Concept is key in all good design. Think about the hierarchy when laying out the information for the poster. 3. Typographic warm-up: Stage … Read More

Homework 1/17

All these projects need to be done and ready at the begin of class:      (bring in your folder so your work can be turn in at the beginning of class) > typographic grids(3) > research > resume > 2 b/w  McDonalds Ads (One type only/you can use a graphic for the other one)

warm-up: typographic variations through changing parameters

A visual hierarchy is an arrangement of elements in a graduated series, from most prominent to the least prominent, in a area of typographic space. When establishing a visual hierarchy, a designer carefully considers the relative important of each element in the message, the nature of the reader, the environment where the communication will be … Read More