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AR/Informational Brochure Requirements

You are required to have 4 spreads done for your Annual Report/Informational Brochure:     • Cover, letter to the shareholders, products and/or services and financial date. – do NOT use your picture as the CEO for the letter to shareholders     • a bound version is due also; not until the night of … Read More

Student AR examples

Other examples on AR

Here are some links that student found on AR examples: Annual report for Bank of Moscow BP Annual Report 2007 Annual Report for SB-Bank Railinc Annual Report 2009

Samples of Student AR

Here are some student examples of AR: Download AM AR Download AnnualReport Ashley Long3

AR samples

Here are some links to some great annual reports: 1. Best of annul reports 2. Top 25 annual reports Designs 3. Best Design options

AR/Informational Brochure

Review of activities for your AR?   01.  You have developed a style and look of your AR giving careful consideration to      the  nature of your Co. and message you want to send.   02.  In addition you have four selected spreads that you think are well done.   03.  Try to develop an … Read More

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Creative  Director Ray Hrynkow comment on Design shows Having recently finished judging an international design show of which annual reports design played a prominent role, here are some thought on what I believe are some of the lasting observations. The power of words and images There has always been a sense of credibility and power … Read More