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Student Ads

  "Garmin will help you find the perfect getaway spot, even if there's no roads to get there."   "Baby gates should not have lasers.  Levels should."   "No harmful vapors."   

Corporate Ads

01.  Review a set of 6 print Ads and 3 motion pieces that you find highly successful in communicating a  message to a specific audience.    02.  With tracing paper discover the grid of each AD, name the      fonts used and point size, analyze color approach (i.e. monochromatic, etc.)   03.  Select two of the … Read More

Secrets of Magazine Ad Effectiveness

It’s In the Mix Secrets of Magazine Ad Effectiveness By Kristie Pater   According to Magazine Publishers of America, “ . . .print advertising has been found to be the strongest medium in terms of helping (consumers) be aware of new. . . product of what the product looks like on the shelf.”  With more … Read More