BFA Show May 5

BFA Show May 5

April 24, 2014

The day of the BFA show Monday May 5th.

You can start setting up at 9:30am in the gallery. Each student will have an assigned table and you will have the rest of the day to setup. If you need a white table cloth contact before the day of the show. You must be back to the gallery by 5:30pm that night. Once the show is over you must break everything down and turn in the required materials in the illustration room. Before you leave check with me to make sure everything has been put away.


The following is what will be turned in the night of BFA show. This is what you will turn in: 

  • Portfolio – all the components of your corporate ID (display & packaging pictures)
  • Process Book – put your name on the outside
  • Bound Annual Report – put this in the pocket in your portfolio or process book
  • Paper – professional bound
  • DVD/Jump Drive of required file – see below

(This will be turned in OP 1220 Illustration room. The room will be locked until you pick-up your portfolio later in the week. You need to notify me if someone else is picking up your wok. Make sure your name is on everything you turn in that night.)


DVD(s) or Jump drive – here are the files that need to be turned into me. I will be keeping these files. Please label the outside with your name on it.

Here what you should have folder by folder: 

  • Annual Report – All the live files: InDesign file, illustration, images and fonts


  • PDF Files – I should have PDF files of everything you have done for print, to size and not locked please. I do show students work from previous classes to help students see what has been done in past years.


  • Portfolio PDF – You design a digital PDF with all the components of your corporate project. You can embed your Ad if it QuickTime into the PDF as well. Again I due expect this to be design; you can show some process (logo process) and description of the company.


  • Motion – I need to see your 30 sec Ad (QuickTime or SWF) and your web banner


  • Website – In this folder give me URL in a TextEdit document. Also in this document tell me what are your live links. You should have 3 pages that are linked.


  • Photos/Illustrations – Make contact sheets of all the photos/illustrations you did for your Corporation. You can have multiple contact sheets PDF files in this folder. To make contact sheets all you need to do is go to Adobe Bridge and it can make your contact sheets, even if they are in a RAW format.

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