Timeline 4/22 – 5/05

Timeline 4/22 – 5/05

April 22, 2014

4/22 – Review of AR at actual size print out for review. 

4/25 – Website and web banner (look on computer or by prints). If I have time I will review Motion Ad.

4/27 - Side Gallery setup from 1-3pm, so be on TIME! Everyone can bring up to three pieces of there work and at least everyone will have one piece in the show. 2D work must be mounted on black foam core with a 1" border. Bound or 3D works are the only pieces that do not have to be mounted on foam core. There is more wall space vs. pedestals to put work on. So I will need more 2D/bound pieces than 3D works. The bound pieces will be placed on the wall by using acrylic shelves, which I will provide. You will have to stay the whole time until the show is finished so bring things to work on in the lab. 

4/29 – Review of Ads and another of your printed pieces from your corporate project. Also sign up who will need electricity so this helps me place you in the gallery. 

5/01 – Review anything

5/04Side Gallery > Take down all of the work at 1pm should take less than 30 minutes.

5/05Setup for the BFA show. You will be able to start setting up by 9:30 am. Each person will be assigned a table with your name on it. You can not exchange or change your placement in the gallery. I will be in my office the rest of the day except for a final at 11:30am. You will have the rest of the day to setup the space. 

BFA show 6pm to 7:30 pm. You should arrive at 5:30pm that night so you can look at the rest of the class work during this time. Once the show is done you must break everything down including the tables and nothing can be left in the gallery. You MUST get approval from me before leaving the show. Your packaging and display will taken home but your portfolio and bound AR will be turned back into me. They will be placed in the illustration room with: process book(s), your paper, bound AR, portfolio and DVD with all the files I requested. Remeber that paper and DVD will be the only thing I will be keeping.

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