January 16, 2014

Develop a Brief and your Development Plan:

    -develop design objectives

    -develop design concepts

    -develop core values

    -define media/ medium options

    -define audience

    -study a range of approaches by evaluating:


-typography studies:

Conduct typographic studies using a minimum of five typefaces. Consider carefully the conceptual relationship of the type as it expresses the meaning of the text.  Evaluate the subtle possibilities of character relationship and structural references created by the text and the type.  Evaluate the impact of combining fonts within the framework of your project.


-image studies:

Develop a folder of images(photography, illustration, found elements) which relate to the piece.  Consider the visually communicative aspects of you choice and how that meaning relates to the subject and your core values.  Analyze the ability of the image to work both large and small, in either color or black/white along with its structural qualities.


-color studies (research psychology of color and color coding ideas)

Develop /evaluate a minimum of three color studies.  Elements of color should be 

developed with a clear understanding of how they are to function within the system.  This means color is conceptual not just subjective.  It has the innate ability to align itself with nature of the saturation, and value of color must be refined and considered as a key element within each of the element/pieces constructed.  How do your color choices work with your core values.


    -establish information hierarchy/structure.


    -explore the  relationship of images, type/language, color, and space in 

     relationship to the possible grid structure and overall composition of each 

     compositional spread.

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