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Student Icons Examples

January 31, 2013

Here are some examples of Download Kelly Fergnser and Download Rose Runser icons that turned out well.

1/31 update

January 29, 2013

     • 3 grids     • Presentations of 150 sketches + 10 digital logos (black & white) + color + choose 2 to enlarge         (5” x 5” & .5” x .5”) and add color to them     • Florida Fish & Wildlife Con. Com. 10 marker comps. black and white; redo … Read More

AIGA portfolio review

January 18, 2013

Homework 1/22

January 17, 2013

What is due next class period: 1. resume – reworked 2. VC BFA Posters – 2 posters printed out on 8.5×11 paper,  stating the event is NOT a concept as a reminder! Concept is key in all good design. Think about the hierarchy when laying out the information for the poster. 3. Typographic warm-up: Stage … Read More

Class Poster Information

The following information must be include in with BFA VC poster: students names and "Truman State University Art Department present in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Fine Art Degree". Here is the list of students: Ashley Buhmann Tracy Cheung Linh Dao Andrew Doering Corey Felter Becca Greiner Wesley Harbison Ryan Haskins Kristin Henry Anne … Read More

Homework 1/17

January 14, 2013

All these projects need to be done and ready at the begin of class:      (bring in your folder so your work can be turn in at the beginning of class) > typographic grids(3) > research > resume > 2 b/w  McDonalds Ads (One type only/you can use a graphic for the other one)

warm-up: typographic variations through changing parameters

A visual hierarchy is an arrangement of elements in a graduated series, from most prominent to the least prominent, in a area of typographic space. When establishing a visual hierarchy, a designer carefully considers the relative important of each element in the message, the nature of the reader, the environment where the communication will be … Read More

Resume/Portfolio information

Here are some PDF Files about resumes. Download Insights on resume Download Ten mistakes resume   Portfolio Information Download Present your portfolio