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HW #2 – Poster Due – 9/10

I need a poster redesigned for the next class period. You need to have it printed out before class starts. NO images can be used, one color only (black), on tabloid sheet, no bleed and you can use some graphics but the poster needs to be 70% typographic. Also printout the grid lines as well. … Read More

Home work – Due 9/03

I need you to create a poster for "Global Issues Colloquium" here at Truman. This poster size is 16.5 x 16.5, you can use black color, no bleed and all the value of that color for your design; you must use all the content on the poster I provide you and for you to develop … Read More


I need a poster developed and I will provide you will all the content. It must be 70% Typographic or more, which gives you 30% graphics elements or illustrations. This must be developed in InDesign, one color,tabloid size, no bleed and you must use all the content. I will give you ______ time to develop … Read More


Assignment 1 >Research and explain the concept of typographic grid structure •write a brief 1-2 paragraph explanation of a grid • create 3-4 grid structures for an 8" x 8" layout as you understand grid Assignment 2 >Research, find and retype a product label of your choice. (70 word minimum) • choose wisely, this label … Read More