AIGA A10 Mailer

AIGA A10 Mailer

October 17, 2013

You have been given the task
to create concept and promotional material for this year AIGA KC A10 design
competition. This will be mailed out to agencies, firms and universities across
the Kansas City Kansas and Missouri region. The main component will be the
mailer, which has the information, entry fees, categories, judges, etc. and
poster to promote the event. This promotion should get design community excited
and enthusiastic about A10.

 Questions to think about:

Keeping in mind your design must
be 70% typographic, what will you say?

How will this information be
reveal to the viewer once they open up the mailer? 

How will reinforce you
concept/theme over the different panels and keeping it fresh at the same time?

Keep in mind the primary
market is for the professional design community.



• 2 spots colors only

• No professional
images/illustrations can be used; you must create/shoot everything to be used
for this    promotion

• 70% Type and 30% images/graphics

• Mailer – two sided (one
informational + design elements and poster)


                  Informational Side

                                    >Jurors – use the information
from the A9 mailer

                                    >Categories, Bulk address
side, entering work, pricing

                                    >Sponsors + Sponsor creativity

                                    >Deadline – 4/11/14

                                    >you may need to use some of
the panels to reinforce

you concept and you may have additional information as needed

                                    > you should have a least .5
margin if not more

 between the fold and content areas


                  Poster Side

                                    >AIGA logo with “KC” on it

                                    > A 10

                                    >Must included but not  limited to: AIGA Kansas City

Annual Design
Competition and Exhibition & Visit
for more information and

to register

                                    >Finished size of the poster
should be 22×34

(This does not
put into consideration of the bleed

you need to have)


                  -once the mailer is folded the finished size should
be 8.5×5.5

                  (the address on one side and other side talking
about Design



-you can buy your paper at printing services  and trim it down

 to 24×36 inches to print

                  (this is an uncoated text paper)


• three digital layouts in how
the information would look on a mobile device  (iPhone 5).

• 1 web page layout mockup

• here are the examples of
Download KC AIGA 07 and
Download KC AIGA 09 

  Design Competition



October 17                - introduction to project

October 24                -poster side due – printed in
color 13 x 19 or bigger

October 31                - mockup due of the mailer – both
side in color and folded

November 07            -Due mailer, 3 moble and one web page

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