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Popup Windows

Hello Class, I’ll try and give more instructions later, but you can download the HTML & Java Script code to make your own popup windows. Download

What you’ll need for 04.24.09

Hello Class, You will need the following files for today’s short demos. Also, thank Megan for these examples. Download (53045.6K) Download (2332.6K) See the working example

Stuff you will need for 04/20/09

Hello Class, You’ll need to download the following files for today. Download

In class assignment (sort of)

Hello Class, DUE before the start of the next class! You will need to do the following: Create a Flash animation that has 50 Frames. Initial text must rotate into the screen on a path and be resized. Fade the initial text to 0% after it has come into the screen. Fade new text already … Read More

What you will need for 2.1’s class

Hello Class, Download THIS FILE and have it ready for when we finish critiquing the initial pages.

Stuff to reference for 1.30

<html><head><title>Centered Image</title><style>div.wrap {width:500px;height: 200px;position: absolute;top: 50%;left: 50%;/* notice the following numbers are exactly half of the width and height listed above. this needs to stay equal. for example if your div box width was 800px and height was 600px, you need change the margin left and margin top to -400px and -300px respectively */margin-left: -250px;margin-top: … Read More

Stuff you’ll want to reference for 1.28’s class

<html><head><title>Div Tag Demo</title><style>body, html {text-align:center;margin: 0;height: 100%;background: url(‘’);} div.container {width: 500px;height: 100%;background-color: #FFFFCC;margin-top: auto;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;position: relative;} div.header {width: 500px;height: 150px;position: absolute;background-color:#000000;color: #FFFFFF;text-align: left;background: url(‘’);background-repeat: no-repeat; } div.nav {width: 100px;height: 300px;background-color:#000000;margin-left: 400px;margin-top: 150px;position: absolute;color: #FFFFFF;text-align: right;}</style></head> <body><div class=”container”><div class=”header”>HEADER</div><div class=”nav”>NAV</div></div></body></html> Property Description Values margin A shorthand property for setting the margin properties in one declaration … Read More

Things you’ll need for 1.23

Download these files to your desktop for today's demo. You'll find completed HTML files as well as images. These HTML files are for reference only! If you don't following along with the demo you aren't going to pick this stuff up! Download (84.8K)

Demo files from 1.21’s class

Hello Class, You can download the files from today’s class, including complete HTML and CSS code to look at if you had problems with your page today. Download (8.6K)

Things for 1.21.09

<body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">