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A Billion Acts of Green

Hello Class, Today we are going to do something other than web. You need to create a poster that is 11×17 (full bleed and full color is fine) that promotes doing a single act of green in honor of Earth Day (see below for example from This is a mandatory project and will be … Read More

Process Blog Reminder

Hello Class, This is a reminder that you should have very up to date process for your current project up on your blogs! I haven't been pestering you because I have trusted the fact that you all realize the benefit of doing sketches and writing before you get to the computer! So if you haven't … Read More

Schedule changes for the current project!

Hello Class, You be excited to know that I have decided to move the deadline for the current project to April 15th. However, that will include your 10 second banner advertisement as well that has been briefly mentioned in class. This web banner will substitute your “interactive” piece for your current web site.

Design Brief

Project #2a + 2bAnimated Web Site Introduction and Flash Interactive Element The Objectives• To gather and utilize research • To study the different methods of creating web ads & content• To identify how people react to targeted online content  • To explore narratives + story telling Project #2aCreate an animated 30 second web site introduction … Read More

Homework for 1.30

Hello Class, I want you to do the following for Monday. Read chapters #3 & #5 in "Don't Make Me Think" Come up with 5 different sketches for the sub pages of your web site (if you did a simple splash page that will then lead us into the web site sketch what we will … Read More

Homework for 1.26

Hello Class, I want you to do the following for Monday. Read chapters #1 & #2 in "Don't Make Me Think" Come up with 5 different sketches/concepts for the splash page of your web site (I'm mean different, really different, not just the same elements moved from one corner to another) then scan them and … Read More

REMIX: Design Brief

Project #1 Corporate Web Site The ProjectCreate a web site – one main page and three sub pages – using HTML and PHP/MySQL for an existing company or organization that you feel strongly about or find interesting, you will be working on projects for this company/organization all semester. In addition, you will be creating a … Read More

Assignments for Wednesday 1.21

Read chapter 6 of Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" available HERE if your book hasn't arrived. You will also need to develop a site map for your web site (the more the better) for Wednesday. We will go over sitemaps today in class.

Due for Wednesday

Don't forget to post three companies you would like to design a web site for this semester and a short paragraph about each for class on Wednesday (1.14.09).