A Billion Acts of Green

A Billion Acts of Green

April 22, 2009

Hello Class,

Today we are going to do something other than web. You need to create a poster that is 11×17 (full bleed and full color is fine) that promotes doing a single act of green in honor of Earth Day (see below for example from EarthDay.net). This is a mandatory project and will be graded and it's due in PDF format by 9am Friday April 24th. The project will be given a letter grade of either A, B or no credit. If you get an A, you get get to apply an extra letter grade to either of out projects. If you get a B, you get a 1/2 letter grade to apply to one of the projects. If you get a C or lower, you don't get any extra credit. If you don't turn it in, you loose a 1/2 letter grade. Those of you enrolled in Viscom 4 can apply this extra credit to next year!

Welcome to the Earth Day Network personal actions registration tool.
Enter your personal action here, be it recycling, planting a tree,
changing out your lightbulbs, or any action you have personally taken
to better the earth. You will be one of a billion people worldwide we
hope to activate for Earth Day. We will count you as a member of The
Green Generation, a movement toward sustainability that includes

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