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Informal Survey for the Course

Hello Class, As I mentioned in the last email, I would like your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on the course. If you could post comments to the following four questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, don't feel you have to leave your real name or email address when posting your comments! What did you enjoy about … Read More

Your final exam due Monday May 4th between 11:20 a.m. – 1:20 p.m.

Here is the final exam and remaining weekly quizzes rolled into one. Email me the answers with "Art 428 Final Exam" in the subject line to This quiz will be due on Friday May 8th by 1:20 p.m. FYI: short answer really means short answer (one sentence or less). 3.2 + 3.4 WWII and … Read More


Hello Class, Here is a video of a talk by the designer/writer Kenya Hara. In this talk he explains the ancient Japanese ideology of Emptiness, not to be confused with the Western ideology of minimalism/modernism.  

Quizzes and Midterm Answers

These are the answers from the Midterm.1. Free Question2. Steam Engine3. C4. Line-O-Type Machine 5. D6. C7. C8. B9. C10. C11. Half-Tone Screen12. Ukiyo-e prints of the Tokugawa Period13. E14. The Vienna Secession was a reaction to the floral art nouveau of other parts of Europe.  or  The Vienna Secession was a reaction to the … Read More

Who wants to see Helvetica?

Please post a comment to this post if you are interested in watching the documentary film Helvetica on Wednesday March 25th at 7pm. There is no commitment on your part. I just want a general idea if there is interest.

The Bauhaus Manifesto

The ultimate aim of all creative activity is a building! The decoration of buildings was once the noblest function of fine arts, and fine arts were indispensable to great architecture. Today they exist in complacent isolation, and can only be rescued by the conscious co-operation and collaboration of all craftsmen. Architects, painters, and sculptors must … Read More

Course Syllabus: Spring 2009

Art 428 – 3 credit hoursRoom: OP2110Monday + Wednesday + Friday  12:30pm–1:20pm Course DescriptionThis course offers a history of design and design culture, with an emphasis on the development and significance of Graphic Design. Each week, a different historical period or theme will be explored and the relationships between graphic design and a larger design … Read More