Your final exam due Monday May 4th between 11:20 a.m. – 1:20 p.m.

Your final exam due Monday May 4th between 11:20 a.m. – 1:20 p.m.

April 27, 2009

Here is the final exam and remaining weekly quizzes rolled into one.
Email me the answers with "Art 428 Final Exam" in the subject line to This quiz will be due on Friday May 8th by 1:20 p.m. FYI: short answer really means short answer (one sentence or

3.2 + 3.4 WWII and Beyond
READING: Woodham, pp. 111–139.

1.    What was the name of the 1942 New York MOMA exhibition? (short answer)
2.    What was the name town developed in the 1950’s considered the birth of Suburbia?

A.    Queens
B.    Levittown
C.    Willingboro
D.    Overland

3.    What was another cause of the expanse of Suburbia?

A.    Appliances
B.    Advertisings
C.    Automobiles
D.    Aardvarks

4.    What was the ground breaking 1972 book by Robert Venturi? (short answer)
5.    What American post war (WWII) policy helped reindustrialize Europe and Japan?

A.    Utility Design Panel
B.    Central Institute of Art and Design
C.    The Marshall Plan
D.    RIMA

6.    What helped spread American Consumerism throughout Europe & Japan in the 1950’s

A.    The Marshall Plan
B.    American Occupation Forces
C.    American Management Training Programs
D.    All the above

3.16 + 3.18 + 3.20 International Style & Corporate Identity
READING: Woodham, 141-63; Meggs, pp. 356-73; Meggs, pp. 399-414.

1.    What was a major cause in the development of corporate identity?

A.    A Global Economy
B.    Multinational Corporations
C.    Global Products
D.    All the above

2.    Who designed the IBM Logo and developed their corporate identity? (short answer)
3.    What is Gary’s favorite 1950’s chair manufacturer?

A.    Knoll Associates
B.    Charles & Ray Eames
C.    Herman Miller
D.    Both B & C

4.    Who tried to spread modernism in America?

A.    MOMA, New York
B.    Olivetti Corporation
C.    Council of Industrial Design
D.    Knoll International

5.    What was a goal of the International Style Designers?

A.    Universal Communications
B.    Removal of unnecessary elements
C.    Legibility
D.    All the above

6.    Where are the roots of the International Typographic Style? (short answer)
7.    Who are some of the educators at the Institute of Design Ulm, Germany?

A.    Max Bill
B.    Otl Aicher
C.    Anthony Froshaug
D.    Josef Müller-Brokmann
E.    Answers A, B, C.

8.    What is Herman Zapf’s profession?

A.    Art Director
B.    Typeface Designer
C.    Graphic Designer
D.    Illsutrator

9.    Who was considered the leading theorist and practitioner of the International Style? (short answer)
10.    What company produced the following poster? (short answer)

11.    Which CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) president saw design as a vital component of corporate success?

A.    Frank Stanton
B.    Georg Olden
C.    William Golden
D.    Giovanni Pintori

12.    Who pioneered the corporate identity standards guide?

A.    Lester Beall
B.    William Morris
C.    Milton Glaser
D.    Muriel Cooper

13.    What did Massimo Vignelli develop for the National Park System.

A.    Their logo
B.    Their stationery system
C.    The Unigrid system
D.    Transportation signage

3.23 + 3.25 + 3.27 The New York School, The New Advertising:
READING: Meggs, pp. 374-398.

1.    Who was considered the pioneer of the New York School? (short answer)
2.    Who designed the following poster?

A.    Paul Rand
B.    Bradbury Thompson
C.    Alex Steinweiss
D.    Alvin Lustig


3.    Who pioneered movie titles and motion graphics? (short answer)
4.    What was a major component of design in the New York School?

A.    Editorial Design
B.    Typography
C.    Printing
D.    Photography
E.    Both A and D

5.    What major advancement let type become expressive in the 60’s? (short answer)
6.    What magazine landed Ralph Ginzburg in jail?

A.    Esquire
B.    Woman’s Day
C.    Eros
D.    Seventeen

4.6 + 4.8 + 4.10 Postmodernism:
READING: Meggs, pp. 466-87.

1.    What Basel trained designer was the founder of New-wave Typography? (short answer)
2.    Who designed the following poster?

A.    Wolfgang Weingart
B.    Steff Geissbuhler
C.    Dan Friedman
D.    Gyorgy Kepes


3.    What New-wave Typo
graphy female designer was one of the first to embrace the computer in the early 1980’s? (short answer)
4.    What area outside of design can best demonstrate the change between Modernism and Postmodernism. (not in book)

A.    Sculpture
B.    Photography
C.    Architecture
D.    Illustration

5.    What designer pioneered the Typographic poster for CBS records and later the New York Public Theater?

A.    April Grieman
B.    Willi Kunz
C.    Paula Scher
D.    Michael Vanderbyl

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