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Samples of Book covers

Book covers

You will be redesigning book cover sleeves for a series of published books. The subject matter will be of your choosing: so fantasy, mystery, adventure, children, etc. The books should follow some sequential order.  In this assignment you will using Photoshop to develop a series of styled Illustrations that utilize photo collage/montage, letterforms, word(s) and … Read More

Promo Packaging example

This is a reminder that the container is only two colors. What and how much information on the outside will translate to what you are doing with the postcards? This is the starting point of your message to the view. What do you say and what are visual clues that you will be giving them … Read More

CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the link.

My computer address

Connect to the server and use this address to connect to my computer: op122701  


How to apply textures to uneven surfaces. Quick Tip: How to Simulate X-Ray Photography in Photoshop How to face six pack abs in under 8 minutes How to Create HDR Photos in Photoshop CS5   Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5     Add Reflections To Sunglasses With Photoshop   Photoshop Water Reflection – … Read More

How to expose monsters with knockout in Photoshop

Here is the link to see the tutorial.

Bring into class

Bring your digital cameras to class and your images for your Photographic Alphabet.


Bring in camera.