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Promotional Postcards

  I want you to create a series of Promotional Postcards that talk about Truman to potential incoming students.  You must decide on what message you want the intended viewer to grasp/explore in this promotion.  How broad or narrow do you want the focus to be?  How do you create a memorable promotion verse something … Read More

Designing Dissent: advocacy and awareness poster

a.1 -> Develop a two-sided poster that strongly conveys a dissenting view on current political, economic or cultural causes or issues that currently exist with in this country.   Visual Communicators possess both dynamic and strategic tools to create memorable messages; this poster is intended to serve as a social mechanism for advocacy, awareness, action, confrontation … Read More

Stamp Series Due 9/27

Stamps due  -place 6 or 8 rows of stamps (set of 5) together on a 8.5×11 paper; centered -place your name at the bottom-10 pt Times, centered -flush mounted on black foam core -process books and a pdf file due at the same time -jpeg file of your stamp series; use your name for the file name  

Photographic Montage Stamp Homework

All homework that is due tomorrow should be printed out, I will not be looking at ANY digital files on the computer!!!! 

Photographic Montage Stamp Series

Stamps have the innate ability to communicate a message that is both profound and extremely powerful in a very intimate space. As designers and artists we are constantly creating various types of interface for our audience to view and interact with content visually. In this assignment you will using Photoshop to develop a series of … Read More

Assignment- alphabet

I also need for you to make a letter size of your alphabet contact sheet at 72 dpi and saved as a JPEG. This is in conjunction with your pdf (the one you turned into to get printed).

WARM-UP – Photographic Alphabet

     What interesting and unique alphabet can you capture using your eye and your camera?  This project ask you to observe your environment in search of objects which can be seen or interpreted as letterforms.       requirements     - all letterforms should fall under one all-encompassing concept, i.e.       architecture, nature, etc.       - you must … Read More

Promotional Postcards- Deadline extended

The postcard promotion has been extend to be due on the Wednesday the 17th.  But on monday 15th I need to see your container in color mock-up with two postcards(front and back) in side it. IF you do not have this I will take off points from you final grade.  You will be asked to … Read More

Mask assignment

 Masks have been around for hundreds of years and are used to symbolize my different things (events, spirits, creatures, etc.)  In this assignment you will be create your stylize mask symbolizing something about you that will be render in a Mask form. You must incorporate your own face as the mask.  You can use as … Read More