Book covers

Book covers

November 17, 2011

Joe E A Song of Fire and Ice

You will be redesigning book cover sleeves for a series of published books. The subject matter will be of your choosing: so fantasy, mystery, adventure, children, etc. The books should follow some sequential order.  In this assignment you will using Photoshop to develop a series of styled Illustrations that utilize photo collage/montage, letterforms, word(s) and other graphic elements that support the intended message.  Establishing and control over this environment will be critical in supporting the message that you intend to transmit.


– research book cover/movie posters and gather as much 

   information about your topic

– you create three book cover designs (from a book series)

– you must include the title and author on the cover 

(this can be stylize into the design)

– you must shoot all of your photography

– you print them out on 13 x 19 sheet of paper

– mounted on black foam core with a 1” boarder

– you will create 3D render books with your design on the covers, 

   this must include a drop shadow


– 11/19    project review, components, Q & A

– 11/29    look at research and ideas, see sketches, development of your first cover




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