Promotional Postcards

Promotional Postcards

October 20, 2011





I want you to create a series of Promotional Postcards that talk about Truman to potential incoming students.  You must decide on what message you want the intended viewer to grasp/explore in this promotion.  How broad or narrow do you want the focus to be?  How do you create a memorable promotion verse something they look at once and throw away?  

The container serves a very vital role as mailer, informer and presenter of this promotion.  If you do not make the design engaging once it arrives in the mail the intended view will throw it away never getting to the postcards themselves.  The design is just as critical on the outside of the form as well as the inside of this promotion.

Things to think about with your images:

        > how many images do you use

> your message needs to translate to a man and female audience

> do you use type with the images

> what do the images say and how do they relate to one another

create with -> Clarity, Precision, Economy and Efficiency


– 8 postcards front and back around a specific theme

> full color on the postcards

> card size is 5” x 7” and rounded corners

> the card back should have the Truman Logo and some 


– design a container to hold the 8 postcards for it to be mailed (2 colors only)

– you must shot your own imagery

– you must use InDesign to layout the type on back of cards

– 2 sets will be turned in and I will keep one


– 10/20    project review, components, Q & A

– 10/25    look at research and ideas

– 10/27    look at first 4 cards: fronts

– 11/01   look at first 4 cards: fronts and backs

– 11/03    look at last 4 cards: fronts

– 11/08    look at last 4 cards : fronts and backs

– 11/10    Look at all 8 cards: fronts and backs

               see mock-up of container in color

– 11/15    See final mock-up of container in color

– 11/17 Promotion DUE! (2 sets will be turn in)

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