Designing Dissent: advocacy and awareness poster

Designing Dissent: advocacy and awareness poster

September 27, 2011

a.1 -> Develop a two-sided poster that strongly conveys a dissenting view on current political, economic or cultural causes or issues that currently exist with in this country.   Visual Communicators possess both dynamic and strategic tools to create memorable messages; this poster is intended to serve as a social mechanism for advocacy, awareness, action, confrontation and motivation

Images in and of it’s self are very powerful, but without clarity, fluency and form there can be little understanding. Construct a strategy/system to present the images/information through the use of letterforms, color and graphic/image elements. 

    >Give it dynamic form, provide for a meaningful dialogue not just a 


    >Demonstrate a clear purpose

    >Make the viewer “think” about what the information/imagery/illustration 


    >Show thoughtful and meaningful use of imagery

    >Encourage the eye to examine the different pieces of data respectively

    >Show a language that is accessible and interesting

create with -> Clarity, Precision, Economy and Efficiency


– research poster designs and gather as much information about your 


– design two poster that convey a dissenting view

– full color and a poster size of 16” x 21”

– you must shot your own imagery



– 09/27    project review, components, Q & A

– 09/29    look at research and ideas

– 10/04    development of the 1st poster

– 10/06    1st poster complete

– 10/11    begin poster 2

– 10/13    Midterm Break

– 10/18    continued work on poster 2

– 10/20    Posters DUE!















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