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HW – 1 Due 9/02

August 30, 2011

Shoot 10 outdoor and 10 indoor environment pictures an put them into a contact with your name at the bottom. You will turn in a pdf file of the contact sheet so NO print out is required.

CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the link.

My computer address

August 29, 2011

Connect to the server and use this address to connect to my computer: op122701  

WARM-UP – Photographic Alphabet

     What interesting and unique alphabet can you capture using your eye and your camera?  This project ask you to observe your environment in search of objects which can be seen or interpreted as letterforms.       requirements     - all letterforms should fall under one all-encompassing concept, i.e.       architecture, nature, etc.       - you must … Read More


August 17, 2011

Digital Graphics is designed to provide students with an understanding of photographic/vector imagery as it relates to traditional and digital environment. Throughout the semester, we assess and examine photographic/vector images as a way to manipulate, restore, combine and create a new awareness.  The structure of the class includes lectures, demonstrations, and in/outside class studio activities. … Read More