ART321 Visual Communications II

  • Critical Thinking in Design

    January 6, 2014

    In support of the university goals in developing strong critical thinking skills in our students, the visual communications program integrates critical thinking into this course. Five categories for critical thinking exist in the art department Indentifies, summarizes, and appropriately formulates the thesis, creative challenge, or problem to be explored Indentifies, and considers contexts (e.g. relevant … Read More

  • Course Textbooks (suggested, not required)

    Exploring the Elements of Design: Evans & Thomas Getting It Printed: Beach

  • Time Sheet and Estimate Sheet

    Here's the links for the pdf's for the time and estimate sheet. Download Estimate Sheet Download Student Project Time Sheet

  • Wrapping up

    April 15, 2013

    OK, here are the final portfolio specs. I want a high-res, print quality portfolio of fifteen examples of your best work. One multiple-page .pdf – Make it easy on me. Drop into my Public folder If it it is 3D, I want nicely photographed images of the final product(s) (packaging, POP, CD/DVD, pamphlets, brochures) – … Read More

  • So let it be written, so let be done!

    March 20, 2013

    OK, I checked my timeline on Beverage and Book assignments. The beverage deadline remains the same on March 29th – all printed and assembled components of the assignment are due. I'll give you all class period to wrap stuff up on the 29th. From the 18th to the 29th = 32 hours. (Time for my … Read More

  • Book Assignment

    March 18, 2013

    I also crunched the numbers for the book assignment. You have until April 3 th to get approvals on all of it's components. Final printouts will be due on Friday, April 5. So, I need to start seeing things for this too. 😮 🙁

  • Beverage Assignment timeline

    OK, I crunched the numbers and you have until March 27th to get approvals on the beverage assignment and all of it's components. Final printouts will be due on Friday, March 29. So, I need to start seeing things for art direction my Weds 20th. 😮

  • What have you learned?

    February 21, 2013

    OK, time to see if you have learned anything from the first ten assignments. This assignment is one that I will grade in your portfolio. Find an on-campus poster or promotion and redesign it. Go find the ugliest poster on the bulletin boards that desperately needs your design help. Choose carefully. Figure out who it … Read More

  • Full-page Newspaper Article Page Design

    February 15, 2013

    In keeping with the food theme we are currently working on… I have a new design. A full-page, 4-color newspaper article about Ramen noodles and creative recipes for their use. Information appropriate for college students, right. Should be fun and something you can practice your studio photography skills. Find the Lets Eat layout shell Folder … Read More

  • It’s soo stressfull!

    February 13, 2013

    For next Monday… A magazine article spread design. Informational oriented. Yes, more typesetting. This one is fun because you are a newbie designer moonlighting at Time Magazine. That's where this article came from. So, we have gone from happiness to stress. Find the copy in my public folder (Stress.txt). Read the article so you know … Read More