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Hourly rates

I talked about hourly rates on Friday. I promised to breakdown the formula I used to figure up how much I used to charge when I was freelancing and when I had my business. But, the amazing advances in internet technology has allowed me to simply post this link: Go through everything and plug … Read More

End of Semester Early Warning

OK, just wanted to light a fire under all of you. We have one month left in the semester and there are a lot of assignments that need my eyes on them. I have been looking at some of the same people's layouts during class and others not at all or not so much. I … Read More


Just wanted to remind you that there are a number of design resources in public folder for you to read. Really good tips and design suggestions that you can try in your assignments, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time. But, if you don't want to and want to make it that … Read More

Production – Technical Checklist

OK, hopefully all the technical things you were taught in Typography and VCI are starting to bubble back up to the surface. But just a reminder on a few items. Place/import graphics and photos into InDesign – do not copy and paste from Illustrator or Photoshop. There are good reasons not to do this. Beware … Read More

Page Layout

So, to help you with your layout development process… I have put into the Viscom 2 folder in my public folder a chapter from an old advertising design text book concerning layout stages and formats. That is the document name, Layout stages and Formats.pdf. Grab it and read it. It might help out. Also inside … Read More

Some Technical Things

Here are some of the things we've talked about in class for far. Bleeds are 1/8 inch Half-tone screens/Color separations: is a field of dots to simulate tone in the laser and off-set printing technologies. Half-tone screens are measured in dots per inch (dpi). Resolution of a digital image (pixels per inch – ppi) must … Read More

Estimating and Tracking Time

Time management is a fundamental expectation an employer has for graphic designers. In a service industry like advertising, time is money. Time is tracked in regards to activities. Time spent on a project is tied to an billable rate.The more time you take to design something, the more it costs the client. So, you won't … Read More

Use your knowledge of design elements and principles

This post serves as a reminder of the basic design elements and principles you need to use to develop successful designs. These elements and principles are you tools in your visual toolbox to resolve any design problem. Design ElementsLineShapeDirectionSizeTextureColorValueTypography Design PrinciplesBalanceGradationRepetitionContrastHarmonyDominanceUnityFigure/Ground For details on the elements and principles go to This site is a … Read More

Typesetting Rules-of-Thumb

I'm blogging some fundamental typesetting rules. This is off the top of my head and are rules you need to memorize to utilize as you are setting type. As with all rules, they can be broken if you have a valid reason. Serif type faces are easier to read in large blocks of copy than … Read More

Design till you puke!

To recap today… This semester is going to address the skill sets you need to have to survive your first few weeks on the job in the design industry. My goal is to expose you to the skills you need to be a functioning, productive and efficient designer. We will design a lot of different … Read More