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Course Description

Intermediate graphic design course oriented towards the application of print and web design in promotional, informational and packaging devices. Development of conceptual thinking and professional production processes and refinement of visual design aesthetics, along with technical production skill sets will be explored in this course.

Course Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will… have a deeper understanding and ability to use basic design elements and principles have refined design, production, and conceptual problem-solving abilities refine their abilities to evaluate, analyze and resolve design problems complete projects utilizing design processes developed in previous Visual Communications courses   have the ability to work quickly … Read More

Attendance and Participation

Mandatory attendance. Three absences per semester (excused or unexcused) will be permitted. Absences beyond the three will result in the lowering of the final grade one-third letter grade for each class missed. Being late for class more than twice counts as one absence for each occurrence beyond the two. Being “late” is defined as arriving … Read More

Grading Rubric

  A – Exceptional Exceeds/masters all course objectives Attends all class meetings and is always prompt Invests quality, productive time and energy in studio Sets standards for fellow designers in work and professional demeanor (team player and leader) Attentive to process Work is completed on schedule without exception Willing to revise and improve projects,techniques, and … Read More

Grading Criteria

Grading in ART321 is based upon two portfolios. One portfolio at midterm and one final portfolio at the end of the semester. The main grading components in the midterm and final portfolios will be Concept, Content Management, Design, Production and Presentation. Efficiency. Reliability and Process will be noted throughout the semester and factored into the … Read More

Critical Thinking in Design

In support of the university goals in developing strong critical thinking skills in our students, the visual communications program integrates critical thinking into this course. Five categories for critical thinking exist in the art department Indentifies, summarizes, and appropriately formulates the thesis, creative challenge, or problem to be explored Indentifies, and considers contexts (e.g. relevant … Read More

Course Textbooks (suggested, not required)

Exploring the Elements of Design: Evans & Thomas Getting It Printed: Beach

Time Sheet and Estimate Sheet

Here's the links for the pdf's for the time and estimate sheet. Download Estimate Sheet Download Student Project Time Sheet